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Parents FAQ

When did you open?

Having spent several years planning the nursery we opened our doors in September 2017.

How many rooms have you got? What are the ratios of staff to children?

We have three rooms in the nursery, The Meadow Room (0-2years) This is 1 adult to 3 children. The Woodland Room (2-3years) this is 1 adult to 4 children and the Hedgerow Room (3-5 years) which is 1 adult to 8 children.

What makes you different from other nurseries?

We pride ourselves to be a free flow, outdoors, open-ended, child-initiated setting which puts an emphasis on the individual child. Providing curiosity and opportunities for risky play through the layout, resources and activities we provide. We provide a non-pressure relaxed environment to allow children to learn through play. They have opportunities to take ownership over their learning and at their own pace. We put a focus on supporting children’s self-confidence, self-esteem, social skills and independence to allow them to start school with the confidence to take on the challenges of school and be ready to learn.

What are the Nursery staff like?

We provide high quality teaching and learning throughout our setting and focus a lot of resources and time in staff training to ensure our team are the very best. 85% of the nursery staff have children themselves and can relate to parents and carers worries or concerns and the other 15% have years of nursery experience to allow them to support children, parents and carers also. We have a wide range of qualifications ranging from Level 2 (Almost completed Level 3) to Level 6 and PGCE. We have 5 members of staff who are currently accessing higher education at university. All staff obtain a DBS check and are on the update service.

We only use our employed staff team; we do not use agency staff. This is to ensure consistency and familiar faces to our children. Our baby room staff have specific baby training and under two’s training. We have two practitioners that have attended the forest school training and our Hedgerow staff have also completed woodwork training for this activity to be safely offered to the children. Staff members have taken part in a speak and sign course delivered by our Area SENCO to support various children within the setting. We have an early year’s teacher and two other practitioners whom have been based within a school setting previously, in our Hedgerow Room to ensure the children are supported and prepared for school under their guidance and knowledge.

We have core training for all staff such as Paediatric first aid, Safeguarding, food hygiene, FGM and Prevent Duty. However, during regular supervisions with staff we talk about their emotional wellbeing, workload, children’s development and action points for the term ahead etc, we discuss if there are any training courses they would like to attend. Staff also have regular access to local authority training and in-house training. We have an open-door policy to parents, carers, staff and children and they all know they can come and talk to the office staff whenever they need to.

We have designated staff for additional roles such as;
1) Designated Safeguarding Lead: Stephanie (Manager) Deputy Lead: Melissa (Deputy Manager)
2) SENCO: Stephanie (Manager) and Melissa (Deputy Manager)
3) Health and Safety named person: Camilla (Director)
We like to pride ourselves on how effectively we multi-agency work with various professionals and teams. This includes the health visitor team, Speech and language team, Portage and many others. During our experiences we have built up some fantastic working relationships which have helped to support children and their parents indefinitely.

Want to know more?

Do you follow policies and procedures?

We have various policies and procedures which we follow at nursery. These include Safeguarding, Equal Opportunities, SEND and many others, these are available within the reception area for you to look at.

Do you use daily diaries?

At Molescroft we value how vital it is to not only gain relationships but be kept up to date with what your child is doing. It is important to be able to have information about your child and their day quickly and easily. We spent a long time researching the best up to date online software with the highest security which enables us as practitioners to upload information and you as parents to receive information as fast as possible.

This is why we use Connect Childcare. This allows us to have the ability to upload your child’s daily diary alongside observations and assessments, and also it uses parentzone where it allows you to view these on an app on your phone / ipad etc. It also allows you to upload information / pictures / videos from home to allow the partnership working which is such a vital part of children’s development.

How do you track my child’s development?

We use the Early Years Foundation Stage to complete observations and upload pictures and observations alongside assessments onto the Iconnect system. You can access these via the parentzone app and will receive notifications when they have been added. You can comment and upload your own too (Please see link above). We track your child’s individual development from the start. We ask for you to fill out a ‘What to expect when’ document on entry to provide us with the information on where you feel your child is within their development and what they can do at home.

We continuously offer home learning ideas to continue your child’s learning and development at home based on interests within the setting. Termly we complete an assessment to see what where your child is within their whole development and have a parents evening to discuss what we will be working on for your child’s development for the term ahead.

How do you support children and parents/ carers wellbeing and during transitions?

We pride ourselves on supporting you and your child’s emotional wellbeing. The children have regular access to yoga time and have a cosy area in each room where they can go to calm and have a bit of “me time” away from the larger groups if they wish. We talk a lot about feelings and support children through their hundreds of emotions that they learn to deal with during this early stage.

We understand the transition to nursery can be hard and like to try to ease any uncertainties as much as possible. We build strong relationships with parents straight away and like to get to know the children, their families, likes and dislikes, medical and dietary needs to build up a whole picture of the child. Every child has a key worker and they take ownership of your child’s learning journey, observations and assessments. However, all staff get to know the children and spend time completing observations etc. Each keyworker also attends to their own key children’s nappies and toileting needs as this ensures this specific routine is personal to your child.

We also slowly build up the transitions to the next rooms, supported by their key worker, as and when the child and yourselves feel they are ready. We support this with a transition poster and work closely with the staff in the next room. Our nursery is one big family and yourselves and your child we become familiar with all the staff members who work in each room which in turn makes most transitions smooth!

When it nears to your child starting school, we work very closely with the schools and encourage their teachers to come out to visit them within the setting. We have school uniform for your child to explore through dressing up and build it up slowly during the Summer before starting in September. If your child attends another setting including a childminder, we provide a dual setting communication book to allow all parties involved with your child to communicate regularly for the best interests of your child.

What will I need to bring?

Your child may need a few extra things during the day at nursery and often parents bring bags which they place on their child’s named peg. In this bag please bring a couple of spare clothes, as we do encourage the children to be actively involved and hands on in various activities. This is how they learn, but it often means they get a little messy and need a change of clothing.

Please provide nappies if your child is using these. We as a setting provide wet wipes, depending on if your child has sensitive skin to these. We also provide a fridge in our Meadow Room (0-2’s) so if you wish to provide breast milk, we can store it in there. We also have a milk cupboard for us to store your formula milk and bottles for your little one.


How do I access funding, vouchers etc, for my child?

We accept all types of funding 2Yr, 3Yr and 30 Hours funding.
If you receive a letter when your child is about to turn two years old, then then this means your child is entitled to Two Year funding. This is 15 hours a week to be used at a setting of your choice. Please inform the office if you receive this.
3Yr funding: Every child will be eligible to access the 15 hours government funding the term after they turn three years old. Please see the office for more information.
30 Hours Funding: This is an additional 15 hours of funding that if you are eligible you can claim for to use for your child’s sessions at nursery. To see if you are eligible and when from, please see the following link: httpss://
If you have any questions, please feel free to speak to the office on 01482 886069.

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What Our Families are Saying

“Amazing nursery, amazing staff! So thorough and professional as well as welcoming, friendly and caring. Xxx”
“Friendly and welcoming staff, fantastic resources and opportunities provided in a homely yet inspiring setting.”
“Have been very impressed so far, staff friendly and helpful, nothing is ever too much bother!
Happy boy = Happy parents!”