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About Us

We believe that nursery should be a great community where families feel like a part of a friendly and open group where we support each other in all areas of life.


We have a community board in our entrance lobby where parents can share their business cards or information about local events that are taking place.

We have a clothes swap shop in the nursery hall where families can bring unwanted clothes and choose clothes that are more suited to their families. Any donations to British Liver Trust are gratefully received. This really fits our ethos of reducing waste and helping to keep life costs down as much as possible.

We run Open Farm Sunday every year which is a free event to welcome the local community on to the farm. This is a wonderful day which always has a huge turnout of families enjoying a fun day of education on modern farming. At nursery we’re very passionate about supporting our local community, we source our products from as local as possible. We have some wonderful suppliers, thank you so much!


We are aware we have a responsibility to ensure we leave a healthy and habitable environment for the future of the children we care for. As a nursery, to reduce our plastic waste, we have implemented the use of wet bags, set up a eco shop and our own swop shop for books and clothes. All through the setting we are reducing single use plastic with fantastic support from our parents! We actively encourage parents to use reusable cloth nappies and wipes, as it takes between 200-500 years for a nappy to biodegrade.

We have our own;
• Community board where local businesses can be shared
• Eco shop supplied by Jack and Fred
• Wet bags available to purchase with the Nursery Logo embroidered
• Borrow a book scheme within the entrance


In Caroline (our cook’s) own words:

“Food is my passion and getting it right is 100% my aim, especially in early years as this paves the way to a healthy happy child. We  use as much of our own home grown produce as possible and locally sourced ingredients. I do not use any processed foods, everything is prepared fresh daily, meaning the children receive all the lovely vitamins and minerals needed within their meals. The children are very involved and hands-on with growing their own vegetables and bringing them to my kitchen for me to turn in to something yummy. They also love picking apples from our own orchard which is well stocked with a variety of cooking and eating apples. I also have my own allotment and enjoy nurturing this on a weekend.”

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Caroline caters exceptionally well for several allergies including dairy and gluten free, our setting is also completely nut free. If you child does have any allergies, please be assured their needs will be confidently met.

Caroline does a fantastic job within our kitchen and as a result we also have our five-star food hygiene rating at nursery!
The children take part in Molescroft gardening club twice a week with our passionate and dedicated practitioner Nicole. In the nursery field we have four raised beds, which the children have access to. Everything grown here is brought back to consume when possible within the nursery. Nicole says “I think teaching children about plants and gardening is very important as it gives children the opportunity to have a broader understanding of how food grows and gets to us. Children learn a lifelong and useful skill; it allows them to feel connected to nature in a world that is often focussed around technology”.

We have a responsibility to introduce and encourage children to explore a wide range of food so they can become used to its different textures, flavours and smells. But to be open to such experiences, children need to feel secure and relaxed. Sharing foods socially with friends is an ideal way to introduce children to healthy ways of eating, and such situations will be more successful if the children are free to choose and access the food independently. Here at Molescroft Farm we ensure we are supporting and promoting this across all mealtime interactions at nursery. The children self-serve their own portions onto plates, and lunch time helpers set the tables including adding flowers to the centre of the tables.

Our Team

We believe that our staff are the most important part of the nursery and will are a diverse mix of ages, cultures and experiences. We are looking for men and women who really care about early years and who will help provide a truly caring and inspiring environment for all our children.

Please email Camilla on if you are interested in joining our team.


I believe in supporting both children and staff with enabling them to find their own confidence in exploring risky play, loose parts and natural resources. This ensuring they can test ideas and continue to build on their imaginations.
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Here at Molescroft Farm Children’s Nursery, Camilla and Tamara, believe in the same ethos of allowing children to make their own risk assessments and unwrapping them from the traditional “cotton wool” and supporting them through carrying out their own ideas as we learn more when things don’t go correctly, we can then reflect and evolve. This ethos allowed us to support staff in this ‘new age’ but “old school” hands on way of teaching, taking it back to childhood and making it a fun, family atmosphere with an enriching environment for children to learn.

The difference in the confidence and happiness in everyone, children, staff and parents is unbelievable. The children have a sense of ownership over their learning and their environment and take pride in it. The staff are proud to see how children’s confidence in themselves and being able to work as a team, from what they have planned for their environment and activities. The parents love having such a strong partnership with the team to ensure their children are being well supported, cared for and supported in their life skills as well as their development.

It is by far the best place to work, we feel like we are coming to a cabin in the woods, where we can achieve anything within a team that we call “a family”.


Molescroft Farm Children’s Nursery is everything I as a professional could ever hope for in an early year’s setting. I joined the team in April 2018 after previously working at a farm-based setting for 2 years. An environment I have being lucky enough within my career to become very accustomed to and soon realised I loved.
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It has allowed me to personally witness the benefits of children experiencing hands on play and learning on the farm! The nursery ethos is one I fully embrace and promote through my practice. I am a firm believer in children having access to the great outdoors and trust they can absorb so much about the world in which we live in through these enriching opportunities we provide them with daily.

I can now proudly say I am the deputy manager at Molescroft and work very closely alongside Camilla and Stephanie who with myself make up the management team. I also work in the rooms in the setting daily as being with the children is my passion. I have my BTEC level 3 National Diploma in Children’s Care Learning and Development. I am currently studying for my degree in Early Childhood Studies at Beverley College which I will graduate from in the summer of 2020.


Moo music with Leila

Moo Music is a great fun and interactive regular music session for our Woodland Room where the children sing, dance and play. Music is an essential part of every child’s development and the 125 original Moo Music songs used at the sessions are positive, uplifting, fun and educational. The interactive sessions will help your child gain confidence and develop memory, language and coordination skills in an exciting, enjoyable and multi-sensory way.

Sciencetots with Stephanie

Sciencetots is a programme of unique and exciting science sessions for little ones with inquisitive and curious minds. The children are encouraged to engage in new experiences, learn through trial and error, problem solving, making predictions and testing their ideas through various tailored early years experiments! Sciencetots offers lots of awe and wonder during every session.

French with Trish

There’s never a wrong time to learn a language; it’s never too late and it’s certainly never too early. In fact, there are distinct advantages to early language learning. Children often seem to pick up new words and phrases effortlessly, in the same way they learn their native tongue. Their minds can absorb this new information, allowing them to quickly begin using a new language with ease and confidence.

During term time each Tuesday the children in the Hedgerow Room take part in a French ‘lesson’ with Trish, this includes lots of singing and learning French songs and words. This is an optional activity, but the children have a lot of fun with Trish and Camembert the bear!

Young children can benefit from learning a second language in many ways, too. If you start them on this path early, then you’re laying down solid foundations to build on as they progress through school. Research has shown that learning a new language may contribute to the development of the brain, particularly in the areas of memory, speech and sensory processing, and it can also contribute to a child’s self-esteem – even being able to use some simple words and phrases can give children a real sense of achievement. Alongside this, children will be developing vital listening skills, which will support speech and language development.


What Our Families are Saying

“A wonderful and friendly environment for children to learn and grow!”
“Fantastic caring team, happy family environment, my son loves coming!”
“Absolutely wonderful place, the setting, the staff, the environment, the ethos everything is just perfect. I can’t recommend enough. I’m so pleased I found Molescroft Farm. My children love the outdoors and having free flow access is just perfect for them.”